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By Carl Thompson
December 5, 2020



You’d like to improve your T-levels, but needles and pills have never really been your thing. Instead, there’s AndroGel.

AndroGel is a prescription topical gel used to deliver testosterone directly into your body without the use of injections.

With a low-volume formula and a multi-dose pump, AndroGel brings your T-levels back to normal without any of the discomfort or side effects associated with injections. I was curious about this low testosterone treatment, so I looked a little further into AndroGel.

AndroGel Ingredients

AndroGel is unique in that its active ingredient is testosterone. Rather than using ingredients to naturally increase testosterone production, this gel delivers testosterone through the skin.

In either 1% or 1.62% concentrations, the testosterone enters through the skin of the shoulders, upper arms, or abdomen to temporarily increase T-levels. Each dose’s effects last 24 hours.

Typically, about 10% of the applied testosterone is actually absorbed across the skin.

AndroGel Side Effects

AndroGel discloses potential side effects on its own website. According to manufacturers, AndroGel could cause:

• An enlarged prostate, especially if you already have a prostate condition
• Possible increased prostate cancer risk
• A lower sperm count, if taken in large doses
• Swelling of the ankles, feet, or body
• Enlarged breast tissue
• Blood clots in the legs, causing pain, swelling, and redness

Customers note that they have also experienced anger, anxiety, and general restlessness while taking AndroGel.

Customer Reviews on AndroGel

AndroGel currently holds a 3.14-star rating in terms of effectiveness at WebMd.com. Satisfaction with the product is ranked at 2.97 stars. Each ranking is out of 5 possible stars.

Here’s a look at some of the things customers have said about AndroGel on WebMD.

“As a testosterone enhancer Androgel has worked very well for me. Easy to apply in the morning and no side effects whatsoever!”

“I have been using Androgel transdermal for 3 years and have found it to be exceptionally effective. I began taking it because of loss of energy and attitude. Both energy and attitude has improved considerably and as a bonus a huge improvement in my libido. I have had no adverse side effects from the medication.”

“I had a slight increase of my levels but I hated putting the gel on my arms with my hands. It also took forever to dry!”

“Androgel was prescribed to me because my testosterone is very near the low range (300). It worked for about a month. After 3 months, my testosterone increase only by 1% so I have to take higher dosage. After 20 days, I have to stop Androgel because it is causing anxiety and nervousness.”

As you can see, AndroGel has a pretty good track record in terms of effectiveness, though it benefits some customers at higher levels than others. There are a few complaints, mainly involving inconvenient application and mood swings associated with use.

AndroGel Pricing

Because AndroGel is a prescription treatment, pricing information will vary. Sometimes you can find AndroGel for sale on foreign websites without restrictions, but cost is substantial.

For example, 30 packs of AndroGel as produced by Solvay Parmacy in France retails for $199.00—and this is on the low end.

If you’re interested in AndroGel, talk to your doctor and see if your insurance can bear some of the cost.

Recommendation on AndroGel

AndroGel is a powerful prescription treatment for low testosterone levels. Its history of effectiveness has been well-documented. If you have tried testosterone-boosting supplements for a while and not received any benefit, AndroGel may be an option you want to consider.

However, be aware that as a prescription treatment, AndroGel is attached to more serious side effects than a supplement. You should be prepared to deal with these and to work with a doctor if you decide to use AndroGel.

AndroGel Customer Reviews

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Durfee Says:

I have been on andogel for about 5 months testosterone levels under 100 went on 4 pumps a day very little improvement Dr put me on 8 pumps a day terrific results numbers went up over 800 lots of energy libido was like a 25 year old
,DR cut me back to 6 pumps a day after about 2 weeks seem to be back where I started a lot less energy and libido is practicly gone, went for blood work today will have to wait and see the results.

March 1, 2013 at 6:44 pm

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