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By Carl Thompson
January 25, 2021



Along with the launch of their new testosterone booster, Evotest, BSN created Aromavex as a hormonal support supplement. Aromavex is meant to be taken after finishing a cycle of Evotest as part of post cycle therapy.

Aromavex can also be taken as a standalone product, since inhibiting estrogen causes testosterone levels to increase. More testosterone yields greater strength, improves recovery and enhances muscle growth. But does Aromavex really work?

What’s in Aromavex?

Aromavex contains all-natural ingredients, which provides hormonal support during or after a natural testosterone booster regimen. So how can a product naturally inhibit estrogen?
Here’s a complete breakdown of Aromavex’s ingredient profile:

Calcium-D-Glucarate is a powerful aid in binding and removing toxins from the body.

Mangosteen Extract has numerous benefits including enhanced circulation, arthritis relief and asthma attack reduction. Mangosteen is also a potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent.

Prunella Vulgaris Extract is used to heal wounds and reduce inflammation. It also has potent anti-viral properties, preventing viral replication.

Barberry Wolfberry Extract helps with digestion, and is an effective liver cleanser. An excellent source of zeaxanthin, it also improves eye health. Additional benefits include enhanced sexual function and lower blood sugar and cholesterol.
Bee Propolis is another ingredient with anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It also boosts the immune system and acts as a natural antiseptic.
Grape Seed Extract supports vascular health by strengthening veins and capillaries. Because of its high antioxidant concentration, grape seed extract is considered an anti-aging ingredient. It is also able to penetrate the blood brain barrier and protect nerve and brain tissue.
PTeroPure contains compounds known as phytoalexins, which have similar properties to resveratrol. PTeroPure has many advantages over resveratrol, including superior absorption and metabolic stability.
Bioperine is a patented form of black pepper extract, and is used to enhance food’s bioavailability, making it easier to absorb. Additionally, Bioperine increases thermogenesis so you burn more calories.

How to Take Aromavex

The manufacturer recommends taking 1 capsule 4 times per day. There is no indication of whether or not it should be taken with food. Aromavex is a companion product to Evotest, and the two can be stacked together. Aromavex can also be taken on its own for extra hormonal support.

Aromavex Side Effects

Aromavex is all-natural, and there are no major side effects to worry about. It does contain bee propolis, which may cause an allergic reaction. Aromavex shouldn’t be taken by anyone under the age of 18 or over the age of 50.
Always take at least a 2 week break from Aromavex after finishing a bottle.

How Much Does Aromavex Cost?

A 90 capsule container of Aromavex is currently $38.57 on Bodybuilding.com. This provides a full 3-week supply.

Aromavex Customer Reviews

Unfortunately, customer reviews are absent from both Bodybuilding.com and Amazon.com.

Should You Buy Aromavex?

Aromavex is one of BSN’s first forays into creating an anti-estrogen supplement. While its ingredients look healthy, few are clinically proven to affect sex hormone levels. Thus, until more customer reviews surface, I would hold off on purchasing Aromavex.
Rather, look for an anti-estrogen supplement with positive customer reviews and proven ingredients.

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