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By Carl Thompson
December 5, 2020

Bio-T Gel

Bio-T Gel

Many testosterone gels use natural ingredients to increase testosterone. BioSante Pharmaceuticals’ Bio-T Gel isn’t a natural product though. It’s a prescription gel with real testosterone.

I’ve seen the research on Bio-T Gel and I can already tell you: this stuff works. But I wasn’t convinced that Bio-T Gel is safe, so I did my own research. This review has everything I found.

Who Can Use Bio-T Gel?

Bio-T Gel is designed for men who have less than 300 ng/dl of testosterone (hypogonadism).

You need a prescription to obtain Bio-T Gel legally. Before your doctor can issue a prescription, he or she must perform a testosterone blood test. If your levels are above 300 mg/dl, you might not be able to use Bio-T Gel.

Does Bio-T Gel Work?

Before its FDA approval, Bio-T Gel was tested for safety and effectiveness. Researchers conducted a 180-day study of 227 hypogonadal men. Each day, these men applied Bio-T Gel or a placebo. Throughout the study, men using Bio-T Gel saw their testosterone increase to normal levels. [1]

Bio-T Gel Benefits

By increasing testosterone, Bio-T Gel provides these benefits:

• Stronger muscles
• Enhanced muscle growth
• Increased sexual desire and arousal
• Higher sperm count
• Improved mood
• More energy
• Fat loss

Safety & Side Effects

Bio-T Gel may cause these side effects:

• Acne
• Erections that last a long time
• Skin irritation where it’s applied
• Increased cholesterol
• Higher red blood cell count
• Prostatic disorders

This list is not all-inclusive. Bio-T Gel may cause dangerous side effects as well.

Bio-T Gel is only for men over the age of 18. Women or children younger than age 18 should not use it.

Do not use Bio-T Gel if you have or may have prostate cancer. Tell your doctor if you have:

• Urinary problems
• Heart problems
• Liver or kidney problems
• Trouble breathing
• Other medical conditions

How to Use Bio-T Gel

Apply Bio-T Gel daily as directed by your doctor. These are typical directions:

1. Tear open a single package
2. Squeeze Bio-T Gel onto your hand
3. Apply the gel to clean, dry skin at the same time each day
4. Wash your hands with soap and water right away

The best places to apply Bio-T Gel are shoulders, upper arms, and stomach. It absorbs best into hairless skin. Do not apply Bio-T Gel to your penis or scrotum.

Bio-T Gel can transfer on contact. So, it’s best to apply Bio-T Gel where it will be covered by clothing. Keep your unwashed clothing away from women and children.

Is Bio-T Gel Right for You?

If you have low testosterone, Bio-T Gel is a powerful, effective treatment. A doctor can help you decide if Bio-T Gel is right for you.

Are you interested in natural alternatives? Luckily, there are many. Natural testosterone gels and supplements don’t use testosterone. Instead, they have ingredients that naturally stimulate testosterone production. These products are safer and easier-to-obtain than Bio-T Gel.


[1] “Bio-T-Gel (testosterone gel).” MediLexicon. MediLexicon International Ltd. (2012).

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