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By Carl Thompson
December 5, 2020

Erase Pro

Erase Pro

What would you do if you had more testosterone? You’ve probably asked yourself this more than once. Can Erase Pro answer that question for you? Erase Pro is primarily an aromatase inhibitor (estrogen blocker) -one of the most effective ways to boost testosterone.

If you’re like me, you want to know everything there is about a product before buying. So I am proud to present the full dossier on Erase Pro.

What Is Erase Pro?

Erase Pro isn’t what you consider a traditional testosterone booster. It works through a different mechanism that inhibits the female sex hormone estrogen. When the body senses a shift in hormones such as a lowering of estrogen, it increases testosterone production.

How Effective Is Erase Pro?

This is by far the most important and difficult question to answer for consumers. One of the reasons it’s so hard to answer comes down to everyone’s physiological differences. Age, training experience, and testosterone levels are among the many factors that determine how effective a product will be.

Without a strong ingredient profile, however, you cannot know with certainty how effective or ineffective a product is. So let’s start off by looking at Erase Pro’s ingredient profile:

Androsta-3,5-diene-7,17-dione is an aromatase inhibitor that blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. As the body searches for balance, it increases testosterone production. You might also notice that the Erase Pro dose is much stronger than the original Erase with 75mg compared to the 25 mg in Erase.

Boerhaavia diffusa extract targets special receptor sites, reducing estrogen by preventing it from binding to its receptor. This is a well-researched ingredient, with a number of promising implications. One study, for example, showed it has the potential to turn off the mechanism that stores fat in the stomach and chest. [1]

Euonymus Alatus Extract utilizes a mechanism known as “in situ estrogen reduction” to reduce aromatase enzymes present in certain tissues. This is especially relevant if you are using Erase Pro as a post cycle protocol, as it alleviates side effects from too much testosterone such as gynecomastia(man boobs). [2]

How to Use Erase Pro

Take 1 pill with your first meal of the day. Never exceed more than 1 pill a day, and always take at least a 4 week break in between cycles of Erase Pro lasting 8 weeks.

Cost/Where to Buy Erase Pro

Erase Pro is available on the official Physique Enhancing Science website for $69.99. This includes 1 free bottle when you buy 3. It is also available at GNC.com, Amazon.com, and various online retailers. Amazon.com currently offers the lowest price, starting at $31.99.

What Erase Pro Customers Say

The majority of customer reviews for Erase Pro are on the GNC.com and Amazon.com websites. Although they range everywhere on the spectrum most are favorable. From GNC.com:
“I take the product as the label recommends, with my firs meal of each day. I loved the hardening effects and the strength increases in the gym! Definitely a solid supplement!”–Natestreo

“The product does exactly what its suppose to do. You thin out but build lean muscle. It seems to increase TEST as I notice my skin a bit more oily. Love that it is a one time a day use. Price seems to be a bit high so look for deals.”vciufo2000

From Amazon.com:

“Very solid product, does everything that it advertises. My one con would be the joint soreness and dryness it causes. I would definitely recommend taking fish oil or a joint supplement while using the product.”Tha One guy

Have completed almost one full bottle and really like this product and lost 5 lbs already and definitely feel more cut and strong. Read previous reviews about joint pains and took with Salmon Oil from the start and have had no joint issues. Look forward to the second bottle!Robert Grandas

Is Erase Pro Worth a Try?

Erase Pro has some very promising ingredients, however, they still lack human studies. The steep price is also a major downside to Erase Pro. The majority of positive reviews indicate it is indeed an effective product, but you’ll have to decide for yourself if the price is justified.


[1] Shigetoshi Kadota et al. Constituents of the Roots of Boerhaavia diffusa L. I. Examination of Sterols and Structures of New Rotenoids, Boerhavinones A and B; Chem Pharm Bull 37(12) 3214-3220 (1989) Vol. 37 No. 12

[1] Lee TK, Kim DI, Han JY, Kim CH. Inhibitory effects of Scutellaria barbata D. Don. and Euonymus alatus Sieb. on aromatase activity of human leiomyomal cells. Immunopharmacol Immunotoxicol. 2004 Aug;26(3):315-27

Erase Pro Customer Reviews

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Brenda leticia Says:

I have not used but, I would like to so my question is, do you guys think that it would work in a woman? Cuz I bough a bottle yesterday but I just want to make sure before to take. Please feed me back I ll appreciate it.

June 18, 2013 at 5:26 pm

Dallas Says:

I was extremely displeased, I had my testosterone levels checked before and after useage and there was no difference. I used the product as recommended and did not see any results at all, when I tried to return it to GNC for a refund, they stated the manufacturer did not honor cash refunds however GNC did recoup my loss of cash.

August 17, 2013 at 8:00 am

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