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By Carl Thompson
January 25, 2021

High T Black

High T Black

High T Black is claimed to boost free-testosterone levels, sexual libido, muscle mass, and energy with only 4 capsules per day.

“Take in the morning, run like a stallion throughout the day!” reads one advertisement.

Packed with caffeine, 2 proprietary blends, and several other ingredients, High T Black’s formula is anything but meager.

I looked at the ingredients to determine whether High T Black is effective.

Are the Ingredients Powerful?

High T Black features several ingredients, too many to list here. So, I analyzed some key ingredients to show you High T Black’s delivery system.

Razberi-K (200 mg)
Razberi-K is trademarked raspberry ketone.

Raspberry ketone purportedly enhances fat burning. I was unable to find any human clinical studies supporting these claims. But, one animal study shows raspberry ketone prevented high-fat-diet-induced increases in body weight and adipose tissue. [1]

Until more research has been conducted, I am unsure if Razberi-K amounts in High T Black are effective for weight loss.

Caffeine Anhydrous (200 mg)
Caffeine anhydrous is a powder caffeine form. Caffeine improves mental function and physical performance.

According to one online medical authority, caffeine improves mental alertness when administered in 250 mg. [2]

One study analyzed caffeine’s effects on anaerobic exercise. Male athletes were given 5 mg/kg caffeine or a placebo and underwent leg press, chest press, and the Wingate test (anaerobic test on cycle ergometer). Research reveals a moderate caffeine dose resulted in more weight lifted during the chest press and lead to greater peak power during the Wingate test. [3]

Although caffeine amounts are smaller than the clinically-tested amount for improving mental function, it may still produce similar benefits. Also, depending on users’ weight, there may be enough to provide performance-enhancing effects.

High T Black Proprietary Blend (900 mg)
Testofen Fenugreek Extract
Testofen Fenugreek extract is a branded name for Gencor Pacific, INC’s fenugreek extract and is used to increase free-testosterone levels. However, evidence surrounding this claim is inconsistent.

One unpublished study shows 300 mg Testofen administered twice daily increased free-testosterone levels compared to a placebo. [4]

However, another study analyzes fenugreek’s effects on resistance-trained male hormonal profiles in a double blind manner. Test subjects were given a placebo or fenugreek. At the study’s end, researchers noted no changes in hormonal status or anabolic potential from fenugreek supplementation. [5]

Due to inconsistent findings, I am unsure whether Testofen fenugreek extract is effective in boosting testosterone levels.

Eurycoma Longifolia Extract 4:1
Eurycoma longifolia was shown to enhance sperm parameters such as volume, concentration, and motility when administered in 200 mg doses to men with idiopathic infertility. [6]

There may be enough eurycoma longifolia in High T Black to optimize sperm quality.

Tribulus Terrestris
This ingredient was shown to increase oligozoospermia (semen with low sperm concentration) in 6 g and had “super results in management of Kshina Shukra (oligozoospermia), as compared to the placebo granules.” [7]

An animal study suggests tribulus terrestris increased mount and intromission frequency and penile erection index in sexually-fatigued male rats. [8]

The clinically-studied amounts are significantly higher than the entire proprietary blend amount. Consequently, I don’t think tribulus terrestris’ effects are as strong as the clinical study.

NO3X Nitric Oxide Booster (1,800 mg)
L-Citrulline Malate 1:1:
Citrulline malate is used to indirectly ameliorate blood flow by increasing nitric oxide.

In one study, 6g citrulline malate or a placebo were given to cyclists. The citrulline malate group experienced increases in citrulline, arginine (nitric oxide precursor), ornithine, urea, creatinine, and nitrite. Growth hormone increased post-exercise in both groups but resulted in higher levels in the citrulline malate group. [9]

The clinical dose is greater than the proprietary blend. I don’t think citrulline malate’s benefits are prominent in High T Black.

CarnoSyn is a trademarked beta alanine form. Beta alanine is shown to improve physical performance when administered in doses ranging from 3.2 to 6.4 g. [10]

Clinically-studied doses exceed the proprietary blend dose, so I don’t think CarnoSyn’s benefits are noticeable, but I can’t be sure.

How Should High T Black Be Used?

The manufacturer says users should take 4 capsules daily with water and recommends implementing a workout plan and healthy diet to optimize results.

Also, the company recommends using High T Black for at least 8 weeks for maximum results.

Whether High T Black should be cycled isn’t specified. However, according to research, I found users saying many testosterone-boosting supplements should be cycled to allow the body to balance hormone levels and prime itself for additional supplementation.

Are Users Impressed?

High T Black user reviews are found on several third party websites like GNC.com and on YouTube.com. Reviews are mixed, however. Some users love High T Black and some didn’t. Here’s what user reviews look like:

“I think my strength came back really fast because of this testosterone booster,” says Jeremy Helms on YouTube.com. “So, I would recommend it.”

Gad.Salomon says it makes no sense the company recommends taking High T Black for 8 weeks when there aren’t enough capsules in 1 bottle for the regimen. His face also broke out in acne; however, it might not be from the supplement. “With all that said, I think I am getting a lil bigger…”

“Definitely noticed I have a lot more energy threw [sic] out the day. I read a lot of reviews about the bad taste but honestly it’s not that bad … Not great but not as bad as others make it out to be,” says RandomActs 25.

Wave10122 says High T Black worked but the taste was unbearable. “I would take as directed in the morning and the taste would stay with me all day long.”

Is High T Black Safe to Use?

The official website doesn’t mention side effects associated with High T Black.

There are side effects associated with caffeine and CarnoSyn. These side effects include: [2] [10]

• Insomnia
• Stomach irritation
• Nausea
• Nervousness
• Flushing
• Tingling

However, beta alanine amounts appear to be small and safe in High T Black. This leads me to believe users won’t experience many adverse beta alanine effects.

However, those sensitive to caffeine may want to start using High T Black by taking smaller doses to assess tolerance. After tolerance is assessed, increase dose to recommended amount if necessary.

Where Can High T Black Be Purchased?

One bottle of High T Black provides 30 servings and sells for around $37.00-$69.99 on the official website, HighTProducts.com, and on third party websites like VitaminShoppe.com, Amazon.com, and GNC.com.

Products purchased through HighTProducts.com are backed by a money-back guarantee. However, returns must be processed within 30 days from the order date to quality for a refund.

I found the best deals on Amazon.com and VitaminShoppe.com.

The Final Verdict on High T Black

High T Black appears to boost energy levels in users, which results in greater workouts and performance. However, the taste is an issue for some users. If you aren’t able to look past the taste or have a sensitive stomach to caffeine, High T Black may not be the best testosterone-booster for you.

The price per bottle is affordable. However, to meet the manufacturer’s 8-week supplement recommendation, users need to purchase more than 1 bottle. This means spending at least $74.00, which seems a little pricy.

If you decide to try High T Black, let us know about your experience.


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