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By Carl Thompson
December 5, 2020

Novedex XT

Novedex XT

Novedex XT offers a straightforward game plan: inhibit the aromatase compounds that convert your testosterone into estrogen. With these out of the way, you’ll have the full advantage of free testosterone to boost energy, strength, and libido.

I wanted to know more about this product, so I decided to do some research. I did discover that Novedex XT was pulled from the shelves in 2010, but I still reached some interesting conclusions.

Novedex XT Ingredients

To increase free testosterone availaibility, Gaspari Nutrition includes just three ingredients in small 60 milligram blend. I’ll go over each ingredient so you know what they are and what they do.

3-Hydroxy-4-Androstene-6,17-dione (3-OHAT)

3-OHAT is an anti-estrogen, which prevents existing testosterone levels from being aromatized into estrogen. This compound also regulates Serum Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) levels, and therefore provides a greater release of free testosterone.

1,4,6-androstatrine-3,17-dione (ATD)

This second compound works synergistically with 3-OHAT to inhibit estrogen. While it doesn’t actually increase testosterone levels, ATD does provide a clearer pathway for testosterone production. It also shortens muscle recovery time, improves mood, and increases fertility.


Hesperidin is a flavonoid found in citrus fruits that supports blood vessel function. Because it boosts circulation, hesperidin may increase the rate at which testosterone reaches different areas of the body—including your muscles.

As you can see, Novedex XT doesn’t directly promote testosterone production, but rather protects the testosterone your body already produces. This makes it less effective than other T-boosters that take a more straightforward approach, but it does meet its advertising claims.

FDA Novedex XT Recall

Novedex XT was withdrawn from the market in October 2010 after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration declared that one of the key ingredients “does not meet the definition of a dietary ingredient.”

That ingredient is ATD. ATD was associated with slower bone growth, lower sperm production, aggressive behavior, kidney failure, and liver dysfunction. Though Gaspari Nutrition reported no serious adverse event in its five years of marketing Novedex XT, the product got the axe just the same.

What Previous Novedex XT Customers Thought

It looks like most past Novedex XT customers weren’t plagued with these dangerous side effects, but they did report other negative side effects while taking Novedex XT.

Here’s a look at some of these Novedex XT reviews posted on SupplementReviews.com.

“I took a bottle of this when i was 18. Stupid of me? Yes. It didnt have any negative effects on me besides my libido going wayy wayy down to its all time low. That sucked. I did get a little bit leaner while on this and strength went up very little and i looked dryer too. Also has some mild bacne. (Acne on the back).”

“As everyone knows, this product obliterates your sex drive…So if you have a wife or girlfriend who expects sex every night, she’s going to be majorly.”

“Increased aggression outside of the gym. This is a bad thing for obvious reasons.”

“Okay so I used this when i was 17 and it worked for me. strength gains, less water. gained solid 5-10 pounds. bad things i think it stunted my growth, my joints got sore and dry feeling, was told estrogen has something to do with that.”

Finding Novedex XT Today

The official Gaspari Nutrition website no longer lists information on Novedex XT, and finding it elsewhere is difficult. While it once retailed for $49.99 and was widely available, most sites now list Novedex XT as discontinued.

Even if you manage to find Novedex XT, it is expensive due to the now limited supply. For example, Novedex XT now sells for between $65.00 and $74.50 on Amazon.com.

Recommendation on Novedex XT

Even if Novedex XT hadn’t been recalled, it wouldn’t be my first recommendation. The ingredients pose too much risk and are not the most effective. Even past Novedex XT customers will tell you that.

Furthermore, a moderately-priced bottle of Novedex XT is nearly impossible to find now. Rather than put your health at risk for a better sex life and bigger muscles, I recommend you look for a top-rated testosterone booster that uses safe, effective ingredients.

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