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By Carl Thompson
January 25, 2021

Purus Labs Recycle

Purus Labs Recycle

There are many advantages to having high testosterone levels — just ask someone with low testosterone. Purus Labs Recycle is formulated to naturally increase testosterone and give users the ensuing benefits.

Purus Labs Recycle is just one fish in the big pond of testosterone supplements. With so many choices, picking the best testosterone supplement is a challenge. Hopefully, my review helps you decide if Purus Labs Recycle is right for you.

What Benefits Is It Supposed to Provide?

Testosterone is an important hormone for men and women. But Purus Labs Recycle was designed to boost testosterone in men only. If effective, it could provide users with these benefits:

• Increased muscle mass
• Greater strength and stamina
• Fat and weight loss
• Higher libido
• Better erections and sexual performance
• Improved mood

So the question is: does Purus Labs Recycle have effective ingredients?

The Ingredients in Purus Labs Recycle

There are 3 blends in Purus Labs Recycle:

• HPTA Upregulation/SHBG Inhibition – Designed to elevate testosterone and prevent SHBG from binding it
• Aromatase Inhibition/Estrogen Modulation/DHT Block – Formulated to prevent aromatase, estrogen, and DHT from reducing testosterone levels
• Absorption Amplification – Supposed to enhance effectiveness by improving nutrient absorption

These are key ingredients included in the blends:

Tribulus alatus is closely related to tribulus terrestris. It releases hormones that stimulate glands to secrete testosterone. When rats were given tribulus alatus, their total and free testosterone levels went up.[1] Tribulus alatus also contains antioxidants, which improve cardiovascular health and protect cells from toxins.

Epimedium extract is also called “horny goat weed.” It received this name after herders saw its libido-boosting-effect on goats. Besides enhancing sex drive, epimedium extract increases nitric oxide and improves blood flow.[2] The ensuing benefits are stronger erections, better oxygen delivery, and enhanced cardiovascular health.

Stinging nettle root contains substances that bind to SHBG.[3] In this way, the root prevents SHBG from binding to testosterone, which would make the hormone useless. Other common uses for stinging nettle root are pain and inflammation treatment.

Mucuna pruriens is high in L-dopa — a dopamine precursor. Dopamine is a hormone that improves mood and promotes pleasurable feelings. In one study, men taking mucuna pruriens increased their dopamine and testosterone levels. Semen quality, sperm count, and sperm motility also improved.[4]

Bladderwrack is a seaweed containing iodine. The thyroid releases metabolism-boosting hormones and needs iodine to function properly. Research shows bladderwrack decreases estrogen levels as well.[5] This is essential since estrogen counters testosterone’s benefits.

White button mushroom suppresses aromatase and inhibits estrogen productions. The aromatase enzyme converts testosterone into estrogen. Estrogen promotes fat gain, decreases libido, and weakens erections. White button mushroom is proven to prevent these negative outcomes.[6]

Black pepper extract breaks down nutrients and helps the body absorb them. It makes Purus Labs Recycle more effective by enhancing its effects. Clinical research proves black pepper extract increases nutrient utilization considerably.[7]

What Do Consumers Say?

11 users left feedback on Amazon.com. The average rating they gave Purus Labs Recycle was 4.2 out of 5 stars.

One user said Purus Labs Recycle made his hair fall out. Another said it’s just an average product. But the other 9 users really liked it. Here are a few benefits they mentioned:

• More stamina
• Increased muscle strength and size
• Higher testosterone levels
• Fat loss

There is one 5-star review on VitaminShoppe.com and one on Vitacost.com. The users don’t write about Purus Labs Recycle, but the high ratings show they liked their results.

I found a few reviews for Purus Labs Recycle scattered across other sites. Most users liked the supplement and said it works. But a few said it was ineffective. Other than hair loss, no side effects were mentioned. Users agreed Purus Labs Recycle was a good value.

How Much Should You Take?

A serving size is 4 capsules. It provides a 2,492.3 mg total dosage, which is very powerful.

Take 1 serving with water before breakfast, lunch, or exercise. This should be a strong enough daily dosage for most users. However, users who want a stronger dosage may take 2 servings a day. Do not take more than 2 servings.

The bottle holds 100 capsules. When you take 1 serving daily, it lasts 25 days. Take 2 servings a day and the bottle only lasts 12.5 days.

Where to Buy Online

PurusLabs.net sells the supplement for $64.95. This is the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, and it’s not the best deal. Purus Labs Recycle costs less on these sites:

• eSupplements.com: $37.99
• Drugstore.com: $39.99
• VitaminShoppe.com: $41.99

These retailers don’t offer money back guarantees. So, you can’t return Purus Labs Recycle for a refund after using it.

The official website has a return policy, but it doesn’t specify whether used products are covered. Consumers are given 30 days to receive, use, and return Purus Labs Recycle. I don’t think it’s worth paying the retail price to get this short-term guarantee.

Should You Buy Purus Labs Recycle?

If you want the benefits Purus Labs Recycle offers, go ahead and buy it. This testosterone supplement utilizes potent, clinically researched ingredients. They boost testosterone, keep testosterone free, and prevent aromatase from destroying testosterone.

Research shows the ingredients are safe and unlikely to cause side effects. Purus Labs Recycle doesn’t contain any stimulants. Also, the manufacturer discloses dosages, so you can see exactly what you’re getting in each serving.

When you buy Purus Labs Recycle on sale, it’s a good value. Most users agreed it gave them their money’s worth.


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