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By Carl Thompson
December 5, 2020

T Bomb

T Bomb

MHP’s leading testosterone booster T-Bomb got an upgrade!

T-Bomb II is a highly advanced, scientifically formulated testosterone booster designed to optimize testosterone production and regulate other key hormones for improved athletic performance.

Supposedly more powerful than ever before, T-Bomb II is said to minimize estrogen conversion by blocking the aromatase enzyme. Furthermore, T-Bomb II’s unique proprietary blend enhances receptor cell signals to promote testosterone’s effects on physical performance.

Yet does T-Bomb II deserve its time in the spotlight?

Key Ingredients

T-Bomb II is divided in 2 proprietary blends. The first is Optimone 5, or the Five Phase Hormone Optimizing blend, with 903 mg per serving and 14 testosterone-boosting ingredients. The second is 2nd Messenger Hormone Amplifiers, or the Receptor Signal Transduction Blend, with 625 mg and 9 clinically proven ingredients.

While it would take too much time to go in-depth about each ingredient, here are a few important ones:

Chrysin. A unique isoflavone extracted from blue passion flower, chrysin acts as a mild anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It minimizes testosterone-estrogen conversion.

Zinc. This essential mineral inhibits the estrogen-producing aromatase enzyme. Experts recommend zinc as a natural treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia, male infertility, and erectile dysfunction.

DIM. Short for diindolymethane, DIM mimics estrogen’s effects. Some use DIM to treat an enlarged prostate, but there is not enough evidence to validate this use.

Stinging Nettle Leaf. A popular treatment for urination problems (particularly those related to enlarged prostate), stinging nettle decreases inflammation while increasing urine output.

Tribulus Terrestris. Doctors recommend 85 mg to 250 mg thrice daily to increase testosterone production. It may also improve blood circulation for firmer erections.

Fenugreek. Traditionally used in curry, fenugreek extract acts as both an aphrodisiac and a testosterone booster. Studies show fenugreek significantly improves body strength as well.

Red Clover. Red clover is utilized for numerous conditions, but so far, there isn’t enough scientific evidence to validate its effectiveness. Many believe the isoflavones in red clover boost physical performance, but others link red clover to liver disease and reproductive failure.

Saw Palmetto. An enlarged prostate can have a dramatic impact on sexual health and performance. Saw palmetto counters this by shrinking the inner lining that puts pressure on urinary tubes. Furthermore, saw palmetto acts as an aphrodisiac and mild sedative.

Longjack. Also known as eurycoma longifolia, longjack increases virility and sexual health. Animal studies suggest longjack increases testosterone levels as well, but human trials still need to be conducted.

Avena Sativa. When combined with seven other herbs known as PC-SPES[1], avena sativa treats prostate cancer.

Is it a Steroid?

No, T-Bomb II is not a steroid.

Steroids use synthetic hormones to boost athletic performance. T-Bomb II, on the other hand, contains all-natural ingredients to trigger hormone production.

The ingredients should not give a false positive on a drug test, but just in case, consult the head of your organization before using T-Bomb II.

Safety and Side Effects

T-Bomb II’s proprietary blends concern me.

Without knowing the precise ingredient concentrations, it’s impossible to tell whether or not these ingredients are in their safe and clinically proven amounts.

With so many ingredients in its 903 mg (and 625 mg) proprietary blend, I can assume T-Bomb II keeps concentrations (and subsequently side effects) to a minimum.

However, a few consumers reported mild side effects such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, and insomnia.

JJ at BodyBuildingforYou.com wrote, “The energy has been very noticeable. I do, however, have a couple of concerns: one is headaches. I never got headaches before using this product and I’m getting them now, so I’m’ 100% sure they are a side effect of t-bomb. Second, I have trouble falling asleep – again, never had problems sleeping before using this product.”

Additionally, several ingredients are unstudied and unproven, so the full range of side effects and interactions is unknown.

Recommended Usage

The full daily dosage is 3 tablets in the morning and 3 tablets in the evening. However, with so many energy-boosting ingredients, I suggest starting with a smaller amount.

Take 1 or 2 capsules the first few days to assess ingredient tolerance, and then gradually increase the amount as your body adjusts.

Pricing and Guarantee

While you can buy T-Bomb II directly from the manufacturers at MHPStrong.com for $69.99 a bottle, I suggest going through second-party distributors to find the best deals:

• BodyBuilding.com: $39.98
• eBay.com: $41.95
• IllPumpYouUp.com: $36.45
• theVitaminShoppe.com: $58.99
• GNC.com: $59.99

All MHP products are covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with T-Bomb II, mail the order along with a brief description of the problem to:

Maximum Human Performance
ATTN: Returns
21 Dwight Place
Fairfield, New Jersey 07004

For additional questions and concerns about MHP products, you can contact their friendly customer support at support@mhpstrong.com or (888) 783-8844.

More about MHP

MHP, or Maximum Human Performance, is located in Fairfield, New Jersey. It was originally founded in 1997 by Gerard Dente, a top-level bodybuilder.

According to the official website, “MHP’s corporate mission has been to develop premier science-based research-driven sports supplements to help athletes achieve their greatest physical potential.”

Though not the largest company, MHP offers great customer service and reliable products.

Pick it or Pitch it?

MHP T-Bomb II has its flaws, but overall consumers like what they find.

“This product works great,” says RamMartin at BodyBuilding.com, “It increases your stamina and gives you an increased muscle pump. You will build muscle with this product. Just be careful as it can be caustic to the stomach. It caused erosions to my antrum and gastritis in my stomach. Use as directed and pay close attention to your physicality.”

I’m a little hesitant to recommend T-Bomb II due to the high risk of side effects, but it seems strong enough to produce results.

Tried T-Bomb II? Tell us what you think!


[1] “Questions and Answers About PC-SPES.” National Cancer Institute. Aug 2011. http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/pdq/cam/pc-spes/Patient/page2.

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