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By Carl Thompson
January 25, 2021

Tropinol XP Reviews

Tropinol XP

Tropinol XP is a testosterone booster manufactured by Tribravus Enterprises under the iForce Nutrition Brand. Tropinol XP is marketed as a testosterone increaser unlike anything else ever made. Using what it calls “the most tried and true ingredients ever put together in a testosterone booster,” iForce promises to unlock growth potential. [1]

That sounds pretty tempting. There are a lot of testosterone boosters out there, but is Tropinol XP really revolutionary? What’s in it and how does it work?

We’re going to take an in-depth look at the ingredients in Tropinol XP and find out if this product really increases testosterone.

The Ingredients

To naturally boost testosterone, Tropinol XP uses a 562 mg proprietary blend divided into 3 matrices: a testosterone amplification matrix, a muscle definition matrix, and a testosterone support matrix. [1]

Testosterone Amplification Matrix

Fadogia Agrestis is used as a natural anabolic steroid to increase testosterone. [2] Clinical studies on humans have not been done, but a 2007 study on rats gives credence to its testosterone-boosting abilities. [3]

In the study, three groups of male rats were given three different fadogia agrestis. All three groups’ testosterone levels increased in comparison to the control group. The rats given the dosage experienced the largest testosterone increase. Unfortunately, doses larger than the recommended “safe” dose resulted in testicular damage.

Since iForce does not list the amount of Tropinol XP used, we are unable to calculate how large a testosterone boost could be expected from the recommended use. But, if the study’s results hold the same for humans, fadogia agrestis has the potential to dramatically increase testosterone levels.

Epimedium, better known as horny goat weed, contains 20% icariin, a compound that acts as an aphrodisiac, mimics testosterone, and enhances nitrous oxide production. [4]

Studies show icariin activates androgen receptors, which increase testosterone production. [5] One study investigating cell injury found icariin also enhances nitrous oxide production. This results in vasodilation, larger veins, and provides a “pump” of more blood, oxygen, and nutrients to muscles. [6]

Muscle Definition Matrix

Potassium Nitrate

Potassium nitrate does not increase testosterone levels. However, one study determined it does increases nitrous oxide uptake, muscle energy uptake, and improves athletic endurance. [7]

Consequently, the potassium nitrate in the Tropinol XP increases endurance and energy levels.

Coleus Forskohlii has been shown to increase bone density, assist in weight loss, and increase lean muscle mass. Like potassium nitrate, there is no testosterone increase, but the coleus forskohlii in Tropinol XP increases lean muscle. [8]

Testosterone Support Matrix

Vitamin D3 is proven to raise testosterone levels. In a long-term study, adding vitamin-D increased bioactive and free testosterone levels by 17%. [9] Tropinol XP’s vitamin-D amount is greater than that of the study, so even larger increases may occur. In addition, vitamin D3 is the best-absorbed form of vitamin-D. [10]

Zinc optimizes testosterone levels. In a clinical study focused on endurance athletes, extra zinc and exercise boosted testosterone levels more effectively than a placebo. [11]

For elite athletes, zinc supplementation improves performance, but a normal individual with a zinc-sufficient diet may not experience any testosterone or performance increase. [12]

The testosterone support matrix looks like a less-powerful extension of the testosterone amplification matrix. The vitamin-D increases testosterone. The zinc might give a boost, but if you’re eating food with enough zinc in it anyway, that ingredient won’t do much.


The label says to consume four capsules every workout day, 30-60 minutes prior to exercise. On non-workout days take two capsules in the morning and two in the afternoon. [1]


Tropinol XP’s label indicates it should not be taken by individuals with the following: [1]

• Prostate hypertrophy
• Liver disease
• Kidney disease
• Heart disease
• Prostate cancer
• High cholesterol
• Breast cancer

In addition, Tropinol XP should not be taken by women.


Tropinol XP has ingredients proven to increase testosterone, lower body fat, and increase lean muscle mass. Unfortunately, the ingredients amounts are not listed, so expected increases can’t be calculated.

Revolutionary? Not really, and the amounts of testosterone-boosting ingredients are unknown. Tropinol XP will increase your testosterone, but it might not be as much as you want or expect.


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