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By Carl Thompson
December 5, 2020

Virmax P

Virmax P

The manufacturers of Virmax P invite you to take your virility to the max. Virmax P, in particular, is formulated to support healthy prostate function and urinary flow.

Virmax P may have an endorsement from NBA player John Salley, but what does the average person say about it? I looked closer into Virmax P to give you all the details.

What Do Scientists Say About Virmax P?

Virmax P contains several important vitamins and minerals, plus a handful of active ingredients. Here’s how these ingredients have fared in studies:

Phytosterols (40% Beta-Sitosterol) (150 mg). Phytosterols are plant steroids, and beta-sitosterol specifically is one found to be effective in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH. In one study of 519 men, beta-sitosterol improved urinary symptom scores and flow measures, although it did not significantly reduce prostate size. [1] Beta-sitosterol might cause nausea, indigestion, gas, diarrhea, or constipation. [2]

Saw Palmetto (160 mg). Evidence from various studies suggests that saw palmetto has a positive effect on urinary flow rates and symptom scores compared to placebo. It is also considered safe, with little to no adverse effects. [3]

Nettle Root Extract (50 mg). Certain components of stinging nettle suppress prostate-cell metabolism and growth, which prevents the worsening of BPH. [4] Side effects may include low blood pressure, altered blood sugar levels, or digestive discomfort. [5]

Lycopene (2 mg). In one study, 40 BPH patients took either 15 mg/day lycopene or placebo for six months. While prostate continued to enlarge with the placebo group, enlargement was halted in the lycopene group. Lycopene also improved BPH symptoms. It’s unclear whether just 2 mg lycopene will produce the same results. [6]

Although these ingredients may work differently for each person, they are each proven to reduce symptoms of BPH. It’s unlikely these ingredients will return the prostate to its original size, but they may reduce BPH symptoms.

What Do Customers Say About Virmax P?

Unfortunately, there are no customer reviews available for Virmax P. This makes it difficult to determine how Virmax P will perform when given to an average man with BPH—not someone paid to endorse it.

How Do You Take Virmax P?

You simply take one tablet daily.

Where Do You Buy Virmax P?

You can find Virmax P through various third party sellers, such as CVS Pharmacy, Drugstore.com, and Amazon.com. Prices range between $11.99 to $16.99, a reasonable price for a month’s supply.

Should You Buy Virmax P?

John Salley and the Virmax company want you to buy Virmax P, but is it a good idea? Although we don’t have word from customers yet, Virmax P is inexpensive and contains ingredients proven to reduce BPH symptoms. Don’t expect Virmax P to work miracles in curing BPH, but it may be helpful in certain cases.


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