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By Carl Thompson
December 5, 2020

VirMax T


VirMax T is a natural testosterone booster backed by NFL star John Salley.

According to Salley, he found VirMax T on his own and was not persuaded by money to endorse it. He, and the founders of the VirMax line, simply want to improve health.

This may be a powerful endorsement, but I did a bit of digging to see whether VirMax T really lives up to Salley’s claims.

About the VirMax Line

The VirMax line began in 2006 as a line of natural supplements that improve prostate health and increase testosterone levels. The products are widely distributed and can be found at stores such as 7-Eleven, Walgreens, and Rite Aid.

Besides VirMax T Testosterone Booster, products include VirMax Maximum Male Enhancer and VirMax P Prostate Formula. There’s even a VirMax for Her.

VirMax T Ingredients

VirMax T’s ingredients should reveal whether this product really has what it takes to raise testosterone.

Tribulus Extract. Tribulus is widely used to treat male sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction and lack of sexual desire.

However, tribulus is not proven to raise testosterone. One study found no significant difference in hormone levels between men supplementing with tribulus and those taking a placebo. [1]

Tribulus is thought to be safe short-term, but long-term results are undetermined. [2]

Fenugreek Extract. Fenugreek treats erectile dysfunction but may not raise testosterone. In one study, fenugreek did not affect hormonal status in resistance trained males, and thus did not raise testosterone. [3]

Side effects include diarrhea, stomach upset, bloating, gas, and allergic reactions. Fenugreek may also lower blood sugar. [4]

Korean Ginseng Extract. This ingredient purportedly treats erectile dysfunction in a safer and more natural way than synthetic drugs. [5] Nevertheless, it could cause blood pressure changes, insomnia, anxiety, diarrhea, vomiting, and headache. [6]

Epimedium Extract. Epimedium is used to treat erectile dysfunction. It improved erectile function of aged rats, but additional human studies are needed to confirm use. [7]

Side effects could include upset stomach, dry mouth, and irregular heartbeat. [8]

Eurycomma Longifolia Jack. E. longifolia Jack increased sexual performance in male rats and provided some evidence for its use as an aphrodisiac. [9] It may reduce body fat and increase muscle strength, but results are still in the preliminary stages. [10]

VirMax T contains ingredients present in most testosterone-boosting supplements. However, it does not disclose ingredient amounts, making it difficult to rate it above or below other testosterone supplements.

What Do People Say about VirMax T?

Reviews are lacking on VirMax T, but we do have two opinions from customers on Amazon.com, both positive:

• “For an older man such as myself, this is working very well for me. So far I’m seeing more stamina and the ability to maintain better . . . I’m really happy with my results and look for more as time goes by.” (Jones Wiley)

• “I highly recommend VirMax T . . . it works very very well for me.” (spot)

Taking VirMax T

According to directions from CVS.com, you only need to take VirMax T once daily.

VirMax T Pricing

VirMax T is widely available. Here are some examples of locations and prices:

• Amazon.com: $17.00
• CVS.com: $24.99
• Walgreens.com: $24.99

VirMax T: To Buy or Not to Buy?

VirMax T includes some promising ingredients. But, there’s nothing to suggest it is better than other testosterone raising products.

John Salley endorsement or no, VirMax T seems relatively mediocre.


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